The Best Ice Fishing Bibs to Keep you Warm

Let’s face it: no one wants to be freezing their behinds off when they’re ice fishing, no matter how much they love it. Personally, ice fishing is one of my favorite things to do in the winter. But, if I didn’t have the right gear to keep me warm and comfortable, not only would I be miserable but I wouldn’t be able to successfully catch anything.

In other words, skills and passion are only half the battle when you’re fishing out in the cold. You need to be comfortable to be effective and enjoy yourself (which is really the whole point, isn’t it?). With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best ice fishing bibs to keep you warm out there. 

Best Ice Fishing Bibs You Can Buy

I3 Bib from Frabill

Crafted for comfort with multiple features such as internal knee and seat padding, elastic straps with cam lock buckles, and zipper vents for improved breathability, the Frabill I3 Bib is a top pick bib for ice fishing.

The bib is composed of durable materials, and is completely sealable and resistant to water. An additional feature is the 150 gram 3M Thinsulate insulation, which adds to the weather resistance and breathability of the product.

Insulation can also be found within the hand warmer pockets that house reflective material to keep you toasty in the winter, and cool in the summer. Additional storage is offered through pockets on the bib that allow you to carry more gear on you.

Since the bibs fit so wonderfully (like a glove), they can be a bit tedious to take off. Despite this, they are a wonderful option when compared to others in terms of their many pockets for storage, comfort, and wonderful insulation to keep you warm.

IceArmor by Clam Edge Cold Weather Bib

Waterproof and lined with a breathable shell, the Edge Cold Weather Bib is a great bib for days in the winter where you spend a long time on the ice. 

Constructed with 100% polyester, and 300D insulation, these bibs were designed to drain ice easily, and they also include an adjustable inseam feature which ensures that water won’t get in. Other features include knees constructed with 1000D ballistic nylon which makes for great wear resistance and comfort during kneeling. 

There are also pockets included that are lined with fleece to keep your hands toasty. In order to ensure a cozy fit, there is also a 2-way leg zipper with a magnetic storm flap. The customizable features of these bibs make this a wonderful option in comparison to others.

Striker Ice Climate Bibs 

The Striker Ice Climate Bibs were crafted to give its wearer the best waterproofing possible, including 320D Tussor 5000/5000 waterproofing with a breathable external shell. The bibs also come with a removable 175-gram Thermadex insulation lining that can be added or taken away in order to protect you from extreme weather.

A comfortable fit is afforded with adjustable suspenders, where flexibility is also accomplished by using Surefloat buoyancy throughout the structure of the bib. The boost storm gaiters are also lined with gripper elastic.

Inseam length adjustability is available as a result of infinite adjust leg cuffs. And in order to ensure easy donning and doffing, there are three 3-way YKKleg zippers that extend the length of the entire leg. Additionally, there are storage options provided by expandable cargo pockets, fleece lined chest pockets, two exterior D-rings, and soft-touch breast pockets. 

These bibs could feel a bit bulky if you are carrying a large excess of gear, however the buoyancy, insulation, and storage features of these bibs make this particular option stand out.

WindRider Pro Foul Weather Gear

The WindRider Pro Foul Weather Fishing bibs were designed to keep its wearer warm and dry in the elements, all while keeping in mind the comfortability of the product. These bibs are waterproof and breathable as a result of their construction from 2-layer laminate fabric.

Functionality is a main point of this product, which focuses on multiple pockets: 6 pockets in various positions on the exterior including 2 chest pockets, 2 fleece-lined pockets for hand warming, and 2 pockets positioned on the thighs for quick access.

For further functionality, a zipper with storm flap was added for times when nature calls. Elastic added under the arms and waste also add to the comfortability of the bib. Cordura reinforcement was also added to the butt area, hem, and knees for increased durability. 

All features tuck in for wonderful functionality while you fish, with little possibility of getting caught on your own gear. Some individuals find these bibs to be less breathable than other options, but the easy and comfortable fit and custom added features such as the storage components make these bibs a great contender.

Arctix Men’s Overalls Tundra Bib 

For anyone looking for great insulation as well as good protection from the winter elements while ice fishing, The Arctix Men’s Tundra Ballistic Bib Overall does the job well.

The insulation features were designed to be particularly light weight, so as to not way you down when walking or snowshoeing. Micro chambers were designed to trap your body heat and keep you warm even in some of the coldest weather conditions you might encounter.

The weather is not the only thing these were designed to withstand however: a ballistic shell was added to prevent abrasions from sharp materials in the wild or your own fishing gear.

In order to make the bibs breathable, a high-tech material is also laminated to the shell in order to wick away any moisture. Some wearers have found the ligning to be a little too loose near the zipper, however features such as reinforcement, easy on and off, and multiple storage options could make this a great option to consider.

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Best Ice Fishing Suits & Jackets

Men’s Edge Cold Weather Parka from Ice Armor 

For individuals going into unbearably cold temperatures where the elements are less than ideal, The Ice Armor Edge Cold Weather Parka is a wonderful option. An added neck flap was crafted to help keep harsh winds out, and adjustable neoprene cuffs help to prevent water from getting to you. Additionally, the handwarmer pockets are lined with fleece which gives the wearer extra warmth.

The mitten pockets were built with an interior mesh that are spacious enough to fit small essentials during your time in the outdoors. Additional storage is afforded by two lined zipper pockets and a Napoleon pocket.

For quick adjustments while you’re on the move, bungees and toggles were added. The hood of the parka also has reflective piping that was added for visibility and safety in low light atmosphere.

Since it was made to keep its wearer as warm as possible, this parka is a bit heavier than other options on the market, but on the other hand, this allows for great insulation and storage options.

Frabill Ice Fishing Safety Gear

This jacket was designed to be worn with the Frabill I3 suit, as well as to keep you warm and safe no matter the weather conditions you may face. This jacket with 100% seam sealing was made using 300D Nylon Taslan which is both extremely waterproof and breathable.

There is a large amount of hydrostatic resistance at 10,000MM, using 150 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation to ensures that you will stay warm.

Safety was a big point of consideration when this jacket was designed, which includes a set of ice picks around the jacket dollar for your travels on ice (without compromising the comfort of the jacket). Areas under a particular amount of stress in the jacket were made to resist wear and tear, constructed with two layers of 500D nylon Taslan shell.

Included gear within the self-rescue set are an ice safety internal label, ice pick holsters, and drainage mesh. 

While the inseam may ride up a bit if the bib is not fitted high enough, the personalizable aspects to the jacket as well as the insulation from the coldest of weather conditions make this a great option to consider.

Clam Ice Armor Lift Suit 

The Clam Corporation Ice Armor Lift suit takes the best qualities of both form and function, fitted with quick-dry technology that allows you to remain dry in any weather condition. The outer layer of the suit is also lined with neoprene to add additional waterproofing capabilities. This suit will keep you dry and warm in even the worst of weather conditions, and is composed of two components: a parka and a pair of bibs.

This suit was also designed with specific components that make it a wonderful purchase for you purposes. An internal lift lining was installed which provides more buoyancy as compared to the buoyancy of other suits.

Additional features include: two large pockets for holding essentials that are lined with hand-warming material, as well as cuffs with a hook and loop system that make sure the water doesn’t get inside the suit.

When compared to other suits, this one is not designed specifically for larger anglers, however added components such as waterproofing and storage make it a hard to beat purchase.

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Choosing The Best Ice Fishing Bibs For You

Safety is an important factor to consider when ice fishing, since there is always a possibility of breaking through the ice. The purpose of fishing bibs or suits is to protect you from these cold weather threats.

Bibs and suites offer buoyancy and a better chance of reducing yourself should you fall through the ice. What’s the best way to know if a bib or suit fits your specific ice fishing needs?

We’ve listed a variety of factors to consider that will help you in your hunt for the best choice.


Body heat is extremely important to retain, especially in low-temperature fishing conditions. Ice fishing bibs and suits should be created to do just that.

While you may find it advantageous to test the product before you put it to use, having any suit that you know will keep your body warm in events of vulnerability such as bad storms is a must. Take into consideration the length of time you’ll be fishing as well: you want something that can keep you warm for many hours.


Staying dry is an extremely important part to surviving in areas of sub-zero temperatures, and therefore your chosen ice fishing apparel should be completely watertight.

A way to achieve waterproofing for your gear is to buy a waterproof coating or water repellent. However it’s important to keep up with this process because (repellent in particular) can be cheap and may wear off over time.

Water repellent is a simple yet effective technology that involves establishing a waterproof membrane. The membrane has microscopic pores that are big enough to allow breathability, yet small enough wear water is unable to penetrate.


Ergonomics can be understood as an applied science that concerns itself with creating and organizing things that people use, so that humans can interact with things in the most efficient and safe manner.

Ergonomics in ice fishing should be concerned with establishing minimal amounts of fatigue and increased comfort. Features to consider should be things such as thick knee padding (or curved knees) specific to your use. Other things you might consider are aspects such as sleeves that will conform to your body shape, or straps that stretch well when you are moving.


While some jackets like the Frabill may come with ice picks included, these are essential to your safety in order to give good traction when attempting to pull yourself out of broken ice.

Since they are small enough, they’ll be out of your way while you are fishing, however they’re critical to have in times of emergency.

Drainage mesh could be an additional feature to look out for, which will allow water to drain from you gear and prevent the presence of extra weight at times where you may need to pull yourself out of the ice.

Flexibility & Mobility

Flexibility is an important feature of a bib or suit that will lead to success. If you suit or bib is too heavy, it may exhaust you which could make for a much less fun fishing trip. When purchasing, also consider models that include double zippers, and elastic fixed at the waist or under the arms.

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