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When it comes to fishing, you’re going to want to find the perfect fishing pole, hook, and technique in order to be most successful during every cast. But, you also need to think about your attire. Having the right fishing hat, for example, can be crucial in protecting your face, ears, and head from the harsh sun above you.

Even if you’re fishing somewhere somewhat cloudy, having a fishing hat can still help to provide added protection, allowing you to be as comfortable as possible during all of your fishing trips. To help you find the right fishing hat for you, we’ve listed all of the different types of fishing hats and what their purposes are. From, finding the perfect one should be a walk in the park. 

Types of Fishing Hats

It might seem silly to discuss the different types of hats, but there are so many different fishing hats out there! Each fishing hat has a different use or purpose, and it’s important to align yourself with the fishing hat that’ll give you what you need. 

Take into account your sensitivity to sun, glares, heat, bugs, and other natural factors that you’ll find when fishing out in the wild. Then, find the hat that most appeals to you and go from there. Your ideal fishing hat is out there waiting for you!


Bucket hats are some of the most common types of fishing hats, and they’re also some of the most basic. Hats like Under Armour’s ArmourVent Warrior Bucket Hat is perfect for fishing, as it is crafted to allow in extra air and total breathability the entire time you’re wearing it. Some bucket hats can feel heavy and restrictive over the head, but not these. 

The ArmourVent Bucket Hats’ fabric is incredibly durable yet weatherproof. No matter what kind of weather you come across when fishing, these types of bucket hats will keep you comfortable during it all. 

Another wonderful type of bucket hat to look for are mesh, windproof bucket hats. Again, these kinds of hats are able to not only protect your head, but provide for ultimate comfort, too. EONPOW crafts a wonderful windproof fishing hat that protects against high levels of UV rays and all kinds of weather. Water-resistant and breathable, you’ll love these bucket hats if you struggle to find a fishing hat that feels good on the head. 


Boonies are the next type of fishing hat that we know and love. Boonie hats (sometimes spelled “boonyâ€) look similar to bucket hats but have less of a bucket shape. Instead, boonies are a bit wider, with wide brims to provide even more protection. These types of hats are often used by those in the military for their secure shape and stiff, durable brims. You’ll be able to find boonies in various colors, but we love camo. The CAMOLAND Breathable Wide-Brim Boonie Hat comes in many different camouflage colors, helping you to truly blend into the nature around you. 

You could also go a different route and buy a boonie like the LETHMIK Outdoor Waterproof Boonie Hat. This tan, comfortable boonie is designed to be able to withstand anything, from high winds to strong rain. No matter what weather nature brings during your fishing trips, these hats can put up with them all. 

Boonie with Mosquito Net

Sometimes, your fishing trips might take you to some place with unwanted visitors. Trying to fish while being swarmed with mosquitoes can completely ruin your fishing trip, especially when you keep getting bit. If this is an issue you find yourself dealing with often while on the boat or in the water, a boonie with a mosquito net is definitely going to be the ideal fishing hat for you. 

Boonies with mosquito nets are just as they sound: they’re boonies that have a mesh covering hanging from all sides to prevent mosquitoes from flying in and making their mark. Hats like Comhat’s Anti-Mosquito Fishing Hat are made with mesh netting that isn’t too thick nor difficult to maneuver. In fact, the mesh is so thin, you’ll hardly even realize that it’s there–but the mosquitoes sure will.  

Boonie with Neck Flap

While regular boonies are great at protecting your face and head from the sun, they still leave your neck somewhat unprotected. 

There isn’t anything much worse than a sunburnt neck: this can really put a damper on your fishing trip. To avoid this, check out a boonie with a neck flap. Boonies with neck flaps fall all the way down your neck to the top of your back, typically right at the shoulders. 

You can find boonies with neck flaps of various lengths, depending on how much protection you need. Home Prefer’s Sun Protection Cap has a high-quality neck flap that goes right above the shoulders, while the Connectyle Sun Hat with Neck Flap falls far past the shoulders for even more layers. No matter how much you need to be blocked from the sun, boonie hats with neck flaps are the best way to go. 

Boy in fishing hat

Baseball Cap

Looking for something basic, straightforward, and easy to wear? There’s nothing wrong with going fishing in your standard baseball caps. For most, baseball caps tend to be the most comfortable form of hat, and they protect your face just as you need. You can boast your favorite team, brand, or even fishing league, and removing the hat comes with ease. 

Simply because of their accessibility and comfort, baseball caps tend to be many angler’s go-to fishing caps. Whether it is camo, pink, or any color in between, as long you like it, that’s all that matters. Not to mention, baseball caps tend to be the least expensive fishing hats of them all. After all, who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks?

Baseball Cap with Sun Skirt

As we established, baseball caps can be more than effective for fishing. However, if you still want some extra protection along with your casual cap, try purchasing a baseball cap with a sun skirt, instead! 

These caps have a long piece of fabric attached to the back, protecting your neck and shoulders from the sun beating down on you. This way, you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable sunburns or itchy mosquito bites.

Our favorite baseball cap with a sun skirt comes from Columbia, with their Schooner Bank Cachalot III. This easy-to-wear cap goes with any attire and helps keep you feeling your best during even the longest fishing trips. These types of hats tend to be a bit less expensive than a boonie with a neck flap, so keep this in mind when purchasing. If you’re looking to save some cash, these baseball caps are ideal.


Another less traditional (yet more traditional, depending on where you come from) fishing hat option is that of a coolie. 

Coolies are those cone shaped hats made out of light bamboo material. These hats are used primarily to protect the face, neck, and shoulders from the sun and harsh heat during outdoor activities. The bamboo material allows for easy breathability, helping you enjoy every cool breeze that passes by.

Coolies are easy to wear and easy to remove, with no extra flaps or skirts to get tangled in. But, they still provide significant protection; after all, they were originally crafted to protect workers from the sun. The Jacobson Hat Company makes a high-quality coolie that’s perfect for your fishing trips under the harsh sun. 

Sun Blocker Fishing Cap

Finally, you can turn to a sun blocker fishing cap for ultimate protection. These expertly made hats are designed with a wide brim that has a protective, thick material hanging almost all the way around. With this, not only is your neck protected from the back, but it’s protected from the sides as well. This can also help direct heat off of your shoulders, as well. 

Our favorite sun blocker fishing hat comes from YR Lover. Their Sun Blocker Hat Outdoor Protection Fishing Cap has everything you’d need to keep your face, neck, and shoulders safe from the sun and totally comfortable. Made with breathable, lightweight materials, these hats can help you completely forget about the possibility of a sunburn; instead, you can focus entirely on your catch and let the hat keep your protected. What could be better than that?

Man Fishing in Bright Sun

What’s Right for You?

So, what is the right fishing cap for you? Whether you’re prioritizing comfort over style, or protection over comfort, there is the perfect fishing cap out there waiting for you. You just have to decide what’s best for you and your fishing adventures. No matter what you choose, as long as you’re comfortable and happy during your trip, then you’ve chosen the right hat. 

For more help with your fishing trips or advice on what to wear or what to bring, Broken Reel has you covered. Check out our blog for all the information you could want and more about the great sport of fishing.  

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